Staffing Services & Resource Logistics

Creating the perfect match for both employers and employees in today’s marketplace can be a challenging task. In order to build an exceptional workforce, Indian Eyes is committed to identifying the necessary human resource talent as well as developing a relationship with your organization. Indian Eyes eliminates some of your most difficult staffing and resources problems, including: recruiting, testing and screening candidates to meet your specific requirements.

Let Indian Eyes provide you with a custom human resource solution. Not only will you save money on your direct costs, you will have more resources to focus on business development, that will translate into better bottom line results.

Professional Employer Operations-

In the dynamic and complex world of government contractor operations the risks, requirements, and regulations governing a workforce can be overwhelming. From the myriad of regulatory acts, executive orders and increasing government scrutiny the risks associated with a workforce are significantly increasing. In addition to the regulatory compliance issues, costs associated with recruiting, training, replacement, unemployment, workers compensation, etc. can hinder business operations and cash flow. By utilizing the Indian Eyes’ Professional Employer Operation services you avoid the risks and worries of hosting a workforce and only need to focus on business operations and growing your business.

Strategic Workforce Supplementation-

Business operations are not linear and there are always periods of high and low demands. One of the most significant complications arising from the ebbs and flows of business demand are those related to the workforce. By utilizing the Indian Eyes’ Strategic Workforce Supplementation services you can have the workforce needed in order to fulfill the demands of your business by integrating our talent solutions into your organization.

Recruitment Services-

The number one concern of most key business leaders revolves around whether they can acquire the right talent needed. Finding the right talent normally requires excessive costs to attract, interview, screen, negotiate, etc. and/or abhorrent head-hunter fees. Whether it is a single position or all of them the Indian Eyes’ Recruitment Services can create a talent acquisition program to fulfill your recruitment needs.