Equipment Logistics


Indian Eyes is a major supplier of construction equipment to numerous organizations and agencies. We maintain long-term, exclusive equipment contracts nation-wide. Indian Eyes has direct access to equipment – regardless of type, size, quantity, or schedule to support any anticipated work scope. We currently have multiple units ranging from hand tools, to aerial equipment, to earth-moving equipment, to cranes in service at sites across the country, including the DOE sites in Washington, South Carolina, and Idaho, plus numerous other government and commercial sites across the country.

In addition to our ability to obtain equipment, Indian Eyes services and maintains equipment provided to the customers’ site. Indian Eyes in-house staff takes pride in having quality processes in place to ensure all mobilized equipment is fully vetted and can pass all site inspection requirements to operate at federally funded or commercial facilities.

Indian Eyes proven Technical, Managerial, Organizational, and Value Added Logistic capabilities combine to provide a cost savings for your equipment logistics requirements. The management team of Indian Eyes has decades of experience in the equipment logistics industry. In addition we have a very specialized team that follows our management to ensure that your project is protected from cradle to grave. We understand the risk when making your equipment supplier decision. Our experience, capabilities, and customer-driven philosophy make Indian Eyes your safe choice.

Indian Eyes utilizes a National Sourcing Team to locate a wide variety of equipment. Indian Eyes will source all of your equipment requirements including;

• Small hand tools

• General line equipment

• Heavy dirt equipment

• Large specialized/custom equipment

Indian Eyes Business Model is built to Support Government projects. Indian Eyes has decades of Project Management experience on government facilities and the proven ability to Manage Federal Contracts and comply with Government Contract Requirements. Indian Eyes maintains a Government Compliant, established and proven infrastructure and operations with experience in operating within security controlled environments. Indian Eyes Contract Management Services provide compliance processing and benefit solutions that deliver measurable advantages to our clients. Indian Eyes Technical Support plan provides well qualified and experienced Program Management and Technical Representative Services from the project planning stages through the use of equipment during each project.

Indian Eyes direct TRs are accustomed to working with construction and operations professionals and assisting them in success.

Indian Eyes has provided safe and quality-backed services to our clients for varying size and complexity Nationwide. We have provided services to public, private, federal and military clients. Indian Eyes takes the time to work with each of our clients to discuss the most efficient path forward during each phase of the work. We understand that our performance on the job site is directly related to the perception the public has of each of our clients. Examples of recent and relevant past performance demonstrate Indian Eyes ability to effectively manage the full range of equipment rental services for a variety of agencies and end users. These examples however are a snap shot in the broader picture of Indian Eyes past performance of efficiently meeting the schedules, quality requirements, and safety standards while managing multiple equipment rental projects simultaneously. Indian Eyes understands the demands placed on Government site projects and continues to succeed in meeting those demands.